Singapore's Tamil movie, 'Vaalkai' has been sucessfully released on 14th July 2007 @ Eng Wah Suntec Cinema. The Director of the movie, S.V Selvaraj has received offers to collaborate and direct several movies in South East Asia. Notably, there has been talks of directing another Tamil movie. Rumors has it that several popular South Indian artistes would be acting in this movie. In an exclusive interview with S.V Selvaraj, he has said that the next movie would be 100% commercial. When asked about the title of his next movie, he politely declined saying that the details of the movie would be released in few month's time to the press. We wish him all the best in the next movie to come.


About 'Vaalkai'

‘Vaalkai’ is a Tamil Movie that has been fully produced and acted by Singaporeans. This movie revolves around different types of relationships, namely, friendship, love and family and how young adults face to the different types of challenges they experience in their daily lives. ‘Vaalkai’ shows the sacrifices done for friendship. How generation gap in families affect youth these days. The movie has been successfully produced and will be screened on 14 July 2007 at Eng Wah Cinema, Suntec City, 7pm.

S.V Selvaraj (The Director)

S.V Selvaraj is a Mass Communications graduate in Film and TV from Curtin University of Technology in Australia. For the past 9 years, he has been creating quality stage productions.
S.V Selvaraj has wrote and directed many dramas and stage productions, thus he obtained the confidence to work on bigger projects. His strengths are the ability of foresight and a creative mind. Recently he has worked on the Tamil Movie project ‘Vaalkai’ in which he had successfully wrote the story, screenplay, dialogues and directed the movie. ‘Vaalkai’ was in fact a story for a stage drama. When given the opportunity to direct a movie, he decided to improvise and alter the story to be of movie style. S.V Selvaraj has also written the lyrics for three songs in the movie. Never an on screen personality, he loves to do backstage planning. At a tender age of seventeen, he started doing stage productions. Now 10 years later, he has proven his calibre to come forward and attempt to direct a movie. These are one of the many branches of his achievement. Directing a movie is no small feat and he has done a great attempt in the direction.

Singapore Cinema in Tamil Murasu

Tamil Murasu had published an article on Arthana Creations' latest Tamil Movie 'Vaalkai' on 14 June 2007.

'Vaalkai' Credentials

Film Information
Singapore Release Date: 14 July 2007
Running Time : 128 mins
Genre : Drama
Language : Tamil

Producer : Arthana Creations
Director : S.V.Selvaraj
Cinematographer : Asogan & Madhan
Music Directors : Mubin & Pravin
Cast : Jamuna, Gayathri, Thanesh and Thiruselvam

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